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Imagine the possibilities of you transforming into an image that best reflects you. Hair! Makeup! Wardrobe! Marketing yourself becomes easy with an exceptional portfolio and/or headshot. Contact us today to reserve an appointment for your next visual opportunity. Synthe's unlimited services include makeup and grooming for commercials, television, video, weddings, special events, trade shows, portfolios, headshots, live productions and more.


Education with Syntheonline! Add to your repertoire of talent the world's most advanced technology for makeup application. Get the training that will help place you in front of and beyond your competition. Spend five exciting days with the expert, Synthe, learning the essentials of airbrush makeup. Discover how to choose the perfect shade of foundation that matches your client’s skin every time. Learn the importance of familiarizing yourself with skin textures and skin tones. Best of all, get the professional secrets and tricks to creating jaw-dropping flawless looks. This is for anyone ready to take their beauty business to the next level.


Creative! Conceptual! Illusionist! From the simplest to the cutting edge, the not so ordinary makeup artist, Synthe creates her illusions Trompe l'oeil [trômp' loi'] style, the art of visual deception, by combining both the traditional and innovative makeup techniques to detail her flawless finishes.