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IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES of an innovative approach to cosmetic application.

Learn how adding additional services to your arsenal talent can increase your market share.  Makeup artists play a vital role when it comes to completing the look necessary for that special event, movie, commercial, fashion show and more for their clients.

Syntheonline provides you with competitive innovative solutions so you are able to excel in your beauty business environment. We were developed to help new and growing artists in this ever evolving beauty businesses.

Many beauty professionals can increase their market share by doing 2 things:  (1) Adding a unique skill that meets the need for their potential clients  and (2) Finding a niche to develop that is customarily their own. Discover your passion and make a business out of it!  It’s the key to a successful business.

Take your cosmetic skills to the next level with the innovative techniques and features of airbrushing. Airbrushing makeup makes it easy to not only apply makeup in half the time.  But, it will allow you to bring your creative ideas to fruition.


The sky is the limit!  Please keep in mind that Syntheonline does not guarantee you employment, but can help you in your makeup career through workshops tailored specific to meet your needs.  It will be up to you, the artist, to pursue your career in the industry of cosmetics.  There are many facets in the cosmetic industry and there is work to share for everyone.

First, determine what skills you do and do not have.  Then set a goal to strategically plan a way to acquire those skills and build them.  Be inventive, creative and consider all possibilities.

Second, begin by taking a workshop with Syntheonline.  Synthe offers the innovative technique of airbrushing makeup.  Other courses offered are body art that includes introduction and application of appliqués, creating temporary tattoos.  Other courses available are with partnering companies.  Please contact us for details.

Third,  find your niche and begin networking.  Networking provides you the opportunity to walk through doors you would otherwise get through.  Makeup artists are instrumental for Film, Television, Video, Fashion, Beauty, Photography, Live Performances, Models, CD Covers, Commercials, Instructing, Print Work, Bridal, Theatre, Editorial, Entertainment and much more.


Be willing to invest in your business.  Adding a new skill to your core talent can put you ahead of your competition; can improve your efficiency; improve marketing; and enhance your clients eagerness to have you as their personal makeup artist. Such enhancements will give your business a competitive edge and a greater market share.


Get prepared to experience a fun rewarding career by learning to airbrush makeup from a professional. Synthe offers you 2 choices of airbrush makeup training: (1) Syntheology 101 – three packed-full days of book training and practical application or (2) Syntheology 201 – an advance five day bootcamp packed-full of intense training. Synthe will cover everything from setting up your business, planning your career and developing professional etiquette to exploring the essentials of makeup application and achieving that flawless finish for hi-definition movies, videos and photography. Prepare to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. This class isn’t just about airbrush makeup, it’s about building your business in a way that compliments your skills.

Get the training that will help place you in front of and beyond your competition.  Paramount beauty educator, Synthe, helps leading artists aggressively position themselves in the market, pursue their objectives and develop skills to improve their productivity and performance.

Get personal service, hands-on training, demonstrations and training materials to support you during and after you have completed the workshop. You can expect to learn the history of airbrushing, how to apply makeup with an airbrush system, unique techniques, great ideas and tips, and resourceful tools available to you.

You will explore business concepts that will:
Help you evaluate your current place in the market [Determine your value] Identify ways to build your business [Gain your Market share] Create a goal while developing realistic plans and tactics that you put into action
Identify the essential building blocks of networking in your market
Help you discover your niche

Yes! This is a practical hands on application workshop. During the session we will discuss what is Airbrush Makeup and why is it the industry standard and explore the airbrush gun and why it works so well for hi-definition media. You will learn the most important rule of airbrushing: How to control your gun precisely. Synthe will show you why practicing different methods, understanding color theory and skin texture is the key to flawless application.  Sign up for classes here.