It's Your Makeup Business

Develop Good Habits

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Health and Beauty Professionals 

There is no better time than now to strategically position yourself in the health and beauty industry to make the most of your abilities. Embrace what it takes to get to your goal destination. Allow your earnest desire for achievement to drive you to concentrate on your vision. This will push you to conquer in all areas.

Raising the bar of standards in your career, personal and professional development, will increase as you begin to discover and experience new ideas. A key component to making this happen is having the right tools. Do not compromise your values and remain in a state of complacency. Take actions toward achieving and exceeding your life's goals and aspirations. As a professional makeup artist, esthetician or cosmetologist, you will realize negotiating your potential to reach your destination is not an option in today’s ultra-competitive field. Get to your goal and refuse to be distracted or ruffled by minor nuisances during the process.  

Develop Three Important 

Business Habits!  

I.  Research Your Market and master your skills of digging deep. Making money in the beauty market requires that you know a specific group of people. Evaluate your services then determine your target Market! Do you know the demographics of your area and who may be potentially looking for you? Did you know that more than 50% of people search online for health and beauty professionals? Someone is looking to invest in your service.

II.  Define the Uniqueness of  your Business. Separate yourself and stand out! Find your competitors but do not imitate them. How do you differentiate your services from your other businesses? Give your business the right to grow with a unique selling proposition (USP). When you are able to establish your niche, it will set you apart from others. It’s about your client. Put yourself in their shoes.

III.  Spend more time networking. Who knows about you and  your services? To ensure that you are networking as much as possible set aside specific days and times to develop profitable relationships. Cultivate good business relationships by attending events you would not ordinarily attend. Look for small groups in large functions. This will allow you to meet a lot of valuable individuals in one setting

Your Makeup Artist Career

Airbrush Makeup by Synthe for Syntheonline. Taylor and her Mannequin.

The sky is the limit!    

Please keep in mind that Syntheonline does not guarantee you employment, but can help you in your makeup career through workshops tailored specific to meet your needs.  It will be up to you, the artist, to pursue your career in the industry of cosmetics.  There are many facets in the cosmetic industry and there is work to share for everyone.

First, determine what skills you do and do not have.  Then set a goal to strategically plan a way to acquire those skills and build them.  Be inventive, creative and consider all possibilities.  This is all a part of your long term goal for your makeup business.

Second, begin by taking a workshop with Syntheonline.  Synthe offers classes. She teaches airbrush makeup, color theory, bald cap application, beginner and intermediate special makeup effects, and flat mold making for film.  Please contact us for details and reserve dates for if you are interested in one on one and group classes.   

Third,  find your niche and begin networking.  Networking provides you the opportunity to walk through doors you would otherwise get through.  Makeup artists are instrumental for Film, Television, Video, Fashion, Beauty, Photography, Live Performances, Models, CD Covers, Commercials, Instructing, Print Work, Bridal, Theatre, Editorial, Entertainment and much more. Where would you like to see yourself? Plan it. Write it down. Makeup it happen.

Establish Your Makeup Biz


Never underestimate the power of your potential as a makeup artist.  Your beauty business deserves to get noticed. Adding to your repertoire of talent can potentially do that for you. Do not let the fear of going through the process of learning something new be a hindrance to your business. Acquiring new skills can help sustain current business and generate new prospects. It’s no secret that hair, makeup, nails and spa services make up a valuable multi-billion dollar expanding industry. 


Think about your technologically savvy clients demand for immediate access to accurate information about products and solutions. Investing in training (i.e. workshops, classes, seminars and conferences) to maintain your competitive advantage will make you more attractive to clients.  It's time to add a little makeup marketing to your makeup business.

Increasing your skills will improve the effectiveness of your beauty business and it is the best guarantee of future prosperity. Imagine your clients bragging about your company because of the unique professional service that they receive from you. There's nothing like a great referral.   

Despite the economy, your key element to winning is your unwavering commitment to improve in your business. People like having the unburdened mind of knowing that they are giving their money to someone that cares about their well-being. 

Are you Getting What You Are Worth?

Get What You are Worth


Health and Beauty Professionals

As a beauty professional, specifically a makeup artist, knowing your gross worth will determine what you should charge your clients. It's your makeup business.  Now, let's do something about it.  First, assess your skills, knowledge and experience. Are you starting your career, are you at an intermediate level or are you advanced? Second, research the makeup artists in your surrounding area and determine what their fees are for services similar to yours. Make sure that you qualify for what you are asking. There’s nothing like being in a situation that you may ultimately regret. Third, discover what your clients are asking for and assess what you can do.  

Additional ways to assess your talents. Ask yourself what are the potential costs involved and how you will profit.

Do you have all your tools (i.e. makeup, brushes, tissue, sponges, etc.) necessary to complete the work? What is your client expecting of you? Are you traveling to your client? Are you purchasing gasoline? Will you have to go through tollbooths? Will you have to valet your vehicle or pay for parking?  Recoup the cost for your time, skills and experience! Though you would want your clients to experience the best, make certain that you experience a win-win situation as well.  

Choose Your Battles


Avoid Three Common Mistakes Makeup Artists Make That Can Cost You Money And Reputation.

iii. Booking more clients than you can possibly service in a day.

Have a clear understanding of your enterprise and determine the value of your service prior to making a commitment. Your clients are important.  Do not risk losing a client because you have promised more than you can deliver. Follow through with your word by allowing your clients to have a fond memory where they will refer you to others.

ii. Taking a gig that you are not skilled to handle.

Skilled makeup artists have never been more critical to the success of the beauty industry. Not only must you have the skill to apply makeup you must have people skills and know the code of ethics. (Always maintain the highest principles and standards.) Regardless of the scenario, conduct yourself accordingly whether you are with corporate clients, family clients, celebrity clients and/or event based clients? The quality of your work is as equally important as the integrity of your character.

i.  Are you asking enough questions or the right questions to prevent you and your client from having a bad experience.

Create a powerful reliable tool called a checklist! It not only helps imaginative people like makeup artists to focus, it improves the quality and performance of your work. Write a checklist that includes the six items listed below. It will help you decide whether or not you want to enter into an agreement with a potential client.

Checks and Balances

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Write A Check List.  Keep a balance on your makeup business.

1. Discover exactly what it is that your client is requesting. Be specific with your questions when determining how you are going to meet their need.

2. Decide how much time will you need to accomplish the task.

3. Confirm location of where will you meet your client to fulfill the request.

4. Be honest and ask yourself if you have the necessary skills to meet the need of the client. 

5. Do you have the availability on your calendar for the date and time that the client is asking for your service.

6. Write an agreement and confirm what you will be compensated for your talent and time. 

7. __________________________________

8. __________________________________

9. __________________________________  

Before you anxiously share a quote for your talent, take a moment to develop a rapport with your potential client and ask questions so that everyone wins.  

Always provide professional services with integrity!