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I Need A Makeup Artist


Synthe is just who you need for your next event or occasion.

Synthe listens to your ideas, interprets them and then brings your imagination to life by illustrating her unbelievable talent of combining the conventional with the innovative techniques of cosmetic application. Whether it’s airbrushing flawless makeup for your special day, applying temporary tattoos for your party or body painting for your spectacular event, Synthe will take care of you.

View samples of the makeup artist's work here. You will feel confident knowing that you have chosen the best artist for you. 

Inquire about Synthe’s services and reserve your appointment.

I Need Makeup Classes


Personalized professional development for makeup and hair artists.

It is important to future proof your makeup business by acquiring ‪skills that‬ can help sustain your current business‬ and generate new clients. Take the strategic step to build your professional makeup services.  Your commitment to invest and deliver consistent quality proves that you care about the people who trust your service. Syntheonline is about preparing technology connected makeup artists. Get the makeup training that will help place you in front of and beyond your competition.  We have makeup classes just for you.

Nugget: Think Cutting Edge


Taking a new approach to your makeup services can increase your market.

We were developed to help new and growing makeup artists in this ever evolving makeup industry.  Let's get unstuck!  It is time to introduce new ideas, skills, and networks to your makeup business.  Redundancy breeds complacency. 

Add value to your business by keeping yourself relevant.  Offering the best services or additional services to your clients may increase your territory. Become a part of the conversation.  Join organizations and groups that will help with your ideas. Stay in the loop with cutting edge techniques and technology in the makeup indust

Nugget: It's Your
Makeup Career


The sky is the limit!  Please keep in mind that Syntheonline does not guarantee you employment. We can help you in your makeup artist career via makeup classes tailored specific to meet your needs.   It will be up to you, the makeup artist, to pursue your career in the industry of makeup.  There are many facets in the makeup industry and there is work to share for everyone.  Here's good food for MUA's.

Nugget: Invest in
Your Business


Your makeup business deserves your investment.  Adjusting the culture of your business can put you ahead of your competition; can improve your efficiency; improve marketing; and enhance your clients eagerness to have you as their personal makeup artist. Such enhancements will give your business an advantage and a greater market share.  Networking and collaborating has proven to be powerful vehicles for businesses.  Do not underestimate yourself

Nugget: Get Rid of Extra Noise


If have questions about makeup services or if you would like a little more insight about the direction your makeup business is going, you may EMAIL US.

While there are quite a few makeup artists in the industry exploring opportunities, there is room for you.  Let's prepare to position ourself.  Are you the candidate to meet the need of a client who is looking for someone like you?  It's not as crowded as you may believe it to be.  You will have to decipher what level of noise you are willing to tolerate.