Respect The Process

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  shares how important it is to respect the process. There is nothing like jumping into something the wrong way.  You cannot regain those moments.  You will have to fix it or start over.

There Is Always A Warning

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  shares how important it is to be mindful of the warnings.  There is nothing like NOT paying attention to the warning signs. You can not regain those moments.

Being Robbed of Your Time

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  shares how important it is to protect your space and your time.  There is nothing like feeling like you have been robbed of your time.  You cannot regain those moments.

Learning Something New

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  shares how important it is to learn something new. There is nothing like giving yourself permission to learn new things.  You become more adaptable, you become more motivated, and you position yourself for more opportunities

You Are Valuable

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  shares how important it is to know how valuable you are.  There is nothing like being treated like gold when you enter an establishment.  You have chosen to empower a business with your wealth in exchange for their goods or service(s).

Get in Front of Your Audience

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  shares how important it is to get in front of your audience.  You cannot get flustered because your solutions have fallen on death ears.  The people do not hear you because the people you stand before are NOT your audience.  Go find your audience.  They are looking for you.

Manage Your Resources

Makeup Artist, Synthe, shares how important it is to manage your resources.  You can get ahead faster if you utilize the materials that you possess.  Spending unnecessarily is not a good practice. Use wisdom.

Makeup Class: Bald Cap (SFX)-Developing your gift

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  teaches beauty artists how to apply a basic bald cap for Film and TV.  There is something exciting about learning how to apply a bald cap. Get ready for the unexpected. 

Makeup Class: Color Theory-How and Why Color Works

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  shares why Color Theory plays such a valuable role in the makeup industry. Knowing why the theory is so important.  And, how to apply the theory can be challenging.  Yet; with Synthe, Color Theory is simple.

Makeup Class: The Many uses of Airbrush Makeup

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  teaches you how to airbrush makeup.  This extraordinary innovation can complete your foundation, eye shadow, eyebrows, and even blush.  It is used for special makeup effects, body painting, and face painting.

Makeup Class: One-on-one Airbrush Makeup

Makeup Artist, Synthe,  teaches a one-on-one airbrush makeup class to a licensed cosmetologist.  AIrbrush makeup is for everyone including beauty, SFX, and hair artists.  Learn how to airbrush makeup from a pro.

Makeup Interview By The Beauty Block (:32)

Synthe talks to Julian, owner of Julian Cosmetics + Skincare, about some of the interesting cultures she comes across in this makeup industry.